Circulation Policy



The resources of the Baxter County Library are administered as a public trust by the Baxter County Library Board.  The public is welcome to use Library materials in the Library during regular hours, but borrowing of Library materials is restricted to holders of a Baxter County Library card.



The following requirements for issuing a Library card are in place to protect the community’s investment in Library resources and ensure they are available to everyone.


Residents of Baxter County will be issued a Library card at no charge when these requirements are met:

  1. Completed application form.  Application forms may be completed online at or at the Baxter County Library in Mountain Home.
  2. Presentation of valid photo identification and proof of address in Baxter County.
  3. A parent/guardian must take financial responsibility for materials borrowed by a minor or dependent and provide photo ID and address verification.



Persons living outside Baxter County must meet the requirements above, except for proof of Baxter County residency, and pay an annual fee of $30 per family, per residence.  Family includes up to two adults and their children under age 18. 

The following individuals may be issued a card at no charge:

  • Students currently enrolled at ASUMH or any Baxter County public school
  • Professors and teachers currently employed at ASUMH or any Baxter County public school

Seasonal Residents
Seasonal residents who meet the requirements above and own property in Baxter County will be issued a card upon proof of property ownership in Baxter County.  Ownership can be verified by a call to the Assessor’s Office.


Temporary Residents

Temporary Residents may be issued a temporary card with a deposit of $25 which can be refunded when all materials are returned in good condition.  The number of items which can be checked out with a Temporary Card is limited to two at a time.


Institutional Cards

Businesses, organizations, etc. may be issued an Institutional Library card upon completing the proper application which contains a statement of responsibility for materials signed by someone with the proper authority within the institution.



Worn-out or damaged cards will be replaced for no charge.

Lost or destroyed cards will be replaced for $2 per card.


1.         The Library patron is responsible for notifying the Library of any change in mailing address, telephone number, etc.

2.         The patron is responsible for the careful use of all Library materials and for returning all materials on or before the due date.

3.         The patron is responsible for payment of all fines or charges for overdue materials and for replacement cost of lost or damaged materials unless the card is reported lost or stolen.



To encourage timely return of borrowed materials, the following fines will be charged:

  1. Fines for overdue materials will be 10 cents per day per item.  Fines will be computed beginning the day after the material is due and ending the day before the material is returned.  The fine per item is capped at the replacement cost of the item.
  2. Fines on overdue interLibrary loan materials are set by the lending Library and are a minimum of $5.00 per offense.  Extensions of the due date on interLibrary loans may be granted by the lending Library sometimes if requested in advance.  Such extensions should be requested only for extended research needs.  In the case of lost items, the lending Library may charge a processing fee in addition to replacement costs.  Such charges are the responsibility of the borrower.



When materials are lost or overdue, or a patron owes $5.00 or more in fines, borrowing privileges may be suspended until fines or replacement charges are paid.

When a patron, because of habitually late material, frequent telephone disconnects or address changes, is deemed by the Librarian to be high risk, borrowing privileges may be restricted to two items out at any time.

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