Inclement Weather Policy

Baxter County Library

Inclement Weather Policy

In case of inclement weather, the Baxter County Library will follow the other county offices in closing.  Opening may be delayed in the interest of staff and patron safety when the parking lot will not be cleared by normal opening time.  Delayed opening, closing, or early closing to enable staff to reach home safely will be called in to local news media and will be posted on the website and in the Library when possible. 

No fines will be charged when the Library is closed for inclement weather, and fines will be waived for patrons who are unable to return materials on time due to weather.

Library staff must use their own judgment as to whether they can travel safely.  Salaried staff will be paid for days when the Library is closed; but if they are unable to travel safely when the Library is open, they may use vacation or comp time to make up for the time lost.


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