Photocopying Policy

Baxter County Library


Baxter County Library provides a photocopier for public use as a convenience for its patrons.  Fees for the copier are established by the Library board and are reviewed annually.

Photocopiers are self-service and, with the exception of assisting disabled patrons, staff is not available to make copies.  When assisting with the copier, staff will not knowingly violate copyright law. Patrons using the photocopier must adhere to the U.S. Copyright Law when copying materials subject to copyright.

The Library attempts to maintain its equipment in good working order; however, the Library is not a retail print or copy shop.  Copies are for convenience only and those seeking high quality printing or copies (such as for resumes, business correspondence, etc.) are directed to local printing businesses.  The Library will reimburse only for the first copier malfunction or poor quality copy.



Baxter County Library does not provide a public fax service.



Patrons may use the Library’s public printer/copier to scan documents to a flash drive or other device.  Directions will be posted, and patrons are responsible for doing their own scans on a self-serve basis.  Library staff will not perform scans.

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