Computer and Internet Use Policy

Baxter County Library

Computer & Internet Use Policy

Computer Use

Baxter County Library is pleased to provide computers with Internet access for public use as an extension of its commitment to meeting the informational needs of the community.

Computers, online databases, software programs and Internet access are provided to permit patrons to improve computer skills and enhance self-learning through self-improvement and testing software. Software is selected, purchased, and discarded according to the collection development policy to support specific areas of Library service.  The Library does not necessarily have the latest version of any software program.  Online Library catalog computers access the Library’s holdings and do not provide access to other resources, including the Internet.

Users agree to observe all copyright and licensing laws and will not duplicate any computer programs or documentation unless expressly labeled as being “in the public domain” or “shareware.”  No personal software may be loaded on Library computer hard drives.  No private files may be stored on the Library computer(s), and any files left on the computers will be deleted.  Users will supply their own recording media (flash drives or portable storage devices) when needed, but must check to ensure that the computer being used can support the desired storage media.

Users may not:

  • Engage in any behavior that disrupts other patrons
  • Use any Library computer for illegal or criminal purposes
  • Intentionally use techniques or software in order to harass other users, infiltrate a computer or computing system and/or damage or alter the software components of a computer or computing system, or cause degradation of system performance

All Library computer users will be required to agree that they understand the rules and procedures established for computer use and will comply with them before being allowed to log on to the public computers.  All users of the Library’s public computers are required to log on using his or her own Library ID and PIN.  Use of another person’s ID and PIN is not acceptable and will result in loss of privileges.  Guest Passes for visitors and nonresidents are available at no charge as a courtesy of the Friends of the Baxter County Library and will be used in accordance to this policy.

Patrons may use computers on a first come, first served basis.  The Library reserves the right to limit the number and length of sessions.  Priority will be given for educational/research use. 


Internet Use

Library patrons use the Internet at their own discretion.  The Internet is a global, digital network with no centralized control over its users or content.  Information on the Internet may be reliable and current or it may be inaccurate, out-of-date, or unavailable at times.  The Library has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content; it is the patron’s responsibility to critically evaluate all the information accessed.

It is the patron’s responsibility to ensure that they are logged out of all social media sites, Internet banking sites, and other private informational sites they may not want others to view.

Displaying, sending, or receiving material inappropriate for viewing in a public place is prohibited by Arkansas State Code 5-68-205.  Inappropriate material is defined as pictures or text which could reasonably be construed as obscene or pornographic, as defined by Arkansas State Code 5-68-302.

In accordance with Arkansas State Code 13-2-103(a)(3), the Baxter County Library must require all users to signify their agreement with this policy before accessing the Internet at any of the Library’s public access computers.

In accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) decision by the Supreme Court on June 23, 2003, the Baxter County Library has installed a content filter for all children’s computers in the Library.  However, as with other Library materials, restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.  Although the Library filters access to pornographic and sexually explicit web sites, filtering software is not guaranteed to protect a child from access to information that a parent/guardian may find inappropriate.  Library staff cannot take responsibility for the care of an unattended child.  Children under age 16 must have parental permission to use Internet.

While the use of chat rooms, social networking sites, wikis, blogs, and other Internet functions are not prohibited, the Library neither encourages nor offers technical support for their use.  Patrons should be aware that the anonymity of some functions might also provide cover for individuals with criminal intent. Users, including minors, are warned that other individuals may obtain unauthorized access to personal information and/or may misrepresent themselves.  Users, including minors, are advised not to share personal identification information to unknown or otherwise unverified sources via electronic communication.



Patrons are responsible for all printing from computers.  The charge for printing is $.10 per page for black/white and $.25 per page for color. 

Violation of these policies can result in immediate and permanent cancellation of user privileges.

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