Room Fee Schedule

Room Fee Schedule 

  • Library Card required to reserve a room 
  • Non-profit community organizations whose primary membership includes residents of Baxter County may reserve a meeting room once each month at no charge during normal library hours 
  • Before or after hours use is $25 per hour in addition to room fees (limit 3 hours). 
  • Setting up of tables and chairs by Library is $25 
  • Depending on usage, security and/or cleaning deposit may be required. 
  • Any damage or cleaning cost may be charged if required 

Room (Commercial Use) $

  • Knox Community Rooms A +B $100 per 4 Hours
  • Knox Community Room A $75 per 4 Hours
  • Knox Community Room B ​​​​​​​$50 per 4 Hours
  • Small Conference Room A ​​​​​​​$30 per 4 Hours
  • Small Conference Room B​​​​​​​$30 per 4 Hours
  • Studio 300 ​​​​​​​$30 per Hour
  • Study Room A ​​​​​​​$30 per 4 Hours
  • Study Room B ​​​​​​​$30 per 4 Hours
  • Study Room C ​​​​​​​$30 per 4 Hours
  • Study Room D​​​​​​​$30 per 4 Hours
  • Room Setup by the Library ​​​​​​​$25
  • Tech Support (Knox Rooms A, B, A+B or Studio 300 Commercial & non-profit)​​​​​​​$50
  • Before or After hours (Commercial & Non-profit)​​​​​​​$25 per Hour

Additional information: 

Library does not book parties. Catering & private parties must be booked through Bookworms Café. Call 870-232-0328 for catering interview. Menu & on-line ordering at Bookworms Café in the library has the first right of refusal for ALL catering brought into the library. 

Commercial Use – 

  • No soliciting or selling products in the library for non-library products. 

Commercial & Non-profit 

  • Must agree to Facility Use Policy. The library reserves the right to relocate meetings to different rooms or cancel scheduled reservations. 
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