WiFi Use Policy

Baxter County Library
Wireless Internet Service Access Use Rules

Baxter County Library offers Wireless access, ”Wi-Fi,” to the Internet. All users of Baxter County Library’s Internet service, including the wireless service, must follow the policies established by the Library Board. Users who do not follow these policies will not be permitted to continue using the Library’s Internet access.

Users may bring their wireless-enabled laptop computer or other wireless device to the Library. Most Wi-Fi equipment will be compatible; however, the Library can make no guarantees as to compatibility of equipment with the Library’s network. Failure to connect could be a setting or firewall issue on a patron’s computer or device. Problems with settings or programs on patron laptops or devices are the patron’s responsibility. Library staff will offer the most likely solutions using the tools available on your laptop or device, but will not make changes to them. Library staff cannot assist customers in setting up, configuring, or troubleshooting their wireless computers or other devices.

The wireless network is not encrypted. Other wireless users may intercept any information you send or receive using the wireless network, and web-based security controls may not be sufficient protection. Therefore, the Library recommends that you do not enter credit card numbers, passwords, or other personally identifiable information.

Other wireless users may be able to view or change files on your computer. The Library recommends that you install and use anti-virus software, firewall software, and current security patches or upgrades on your computer.

Customers use the Library’s wireless network entirely at their own risk.

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