Reservation Meeting Room Terms & Conditions

Reservation of Library meeting rooms is available as a community service to those who agree to its Facility Use Policy. Library programs and events receive priority. The Library does not host private parties. The Library reserves the right to relocate meetings to different rooms or cancel scheduled reservations. No soliciting or selling products allowed in the library for non-library products.

Meeting Room Map depicting the locations of the various meeting rooms at the library


Reservation Meeting Room Terms & Conditions

The Bookworms Café has first right of refusal for ALL catering purchased for meetings in the Library.  Visit the Cafe or call 870-232-0328 for a catering interview. Or email ORDER ONLINE

Light refreshments and covered beverages from the Café are permitted in the meeting rooms, small conference rooms, and study rooms, as well as Studio 300, if it has not been set up as a Computer Lab with Library computers.

Coffee makers (filters provided) are available for use in Knox Rooms A and B.  Coffee and other supplies are not provided.

Use of the kitchen must be reserved and is subject to availability. The kitchen’s warming ovens are available for heating pre-cooked foods.

Groups or individuals booking the meeting rooms may not serve alcohol.

Ice Coolers are not allowed in the meeting rooms because they leak on the carpet.

Library sponsored programs and events will receive priority. Meeting rooms are available during normal Library hours for use by community organizations whose primary membership includes residents of Baxter County.

Meetings scheduled in Knox Community Rooms can be held when the Library is closed with advance approval of the Library Director. Such meetings will incur an hourly fee, limited to a maximum of three hours. *

The Library reserves the right to relocate a group to a different meeting room or to cancel a room reservation.

Library meeting rooms may be reserved for business events for a fee. * No soliciting or selling of products or services not directly connected with the Library can take place.

Studio 300 may be set up as a computer lab and reserved by businesses for training during normal Library operating hours for a fee. *

Conference and study rooms with seating for eight or fewer may be reserved no more than 30 days in advance. The number of times these rooms may be scheduled each month will be based on demand. Reservations will be posted on the door of each room.

Groups are to set up and take down tables and chairs as needed, vacating the room 15 minutes prior to the library closing. Trash must be placed in receptacles and the room left clean. Please report any spills immediately. Room set-up and take-down service by Library staff is available for a fee which will be invoiced. *

Purposes, objectives, or views of groups using meeting rooms shall not be advertised in any way that suggests that the Library endorses them.

Groups may reserve a meeting room once each month and will be notified by the Library if the event is cancelled.

Any group using a meeting room is expected to conduct its proceedings in a quiet, orderly manner, not disruptive of normal Library functions. Events involving youth must be adequately chaperoned.

Any decorations must be free standing. Nothing may be taped, tacked or attached to walls or equipment. Equipment that is likely to result in damage to the room or its equipment may not be used.

Tobacco use is prohibited on Library premises.

The group representative will sign in at the Circulation Desk upon arrival. After confirming the event on the event calendar, staff will issue a room key in exchange for the group representative’s driver’s license. After meeting, users will provide attendance figures from their meeting, sign out, return the room key, and retrieve their driver’s license.

The room divider must be operated by Library staff only.

Use of the Library’s electronic equipment must be arranged at the time the room is booked. Arrangements for training on how to use equipment must be made in advance. Groups will be held responsible for any damage to, or theft of, Library property.

The Library cannot store items for groups using the meeting rooms. Library staff cannot be responsible for delivery or pickup of event-related items or equipment. The Library is not responsible for damage to, or loss of, personal items used or left in the meeting rooms.
The Library reserves the right to refuse future bookings to groups that fail to appear on scheduled meeting dates or do not abide by the above policies.

Fee Schedule

  • Library card required to reserve a room 
  • Non-profit community organizations whose primary membership includes residents of Baxter County may reserve a meeting room once each month at no charge during normal Library hours 
  • Before or After hours use is $25/hour in addition to any room fees (3 hour limit) 
  • Setting up of tables and chairs by the Library is $25 
  • Depending on usage, security and/or cleaning deposit may be required 
  • Tech support $50

Commercial/Event Use

  • Knox Rooms A + B Combined: $100 per 4 hours 
  • Knox Community Room A: $75 per 4 hours 
  • Knox Community Room B: $50 per 4 hours 
  • Small Conference Room A or B: $30 per 4 hours 
  • Study Room A, B, C or D: $30 per 4 hours 
  • Studio 300 (can be set up as computer lab): $30 per hour 
  • Studio 300 (includes tech support): $50 per hour 

Acknowledgement & Acceptance

You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your request, which will be processed within a few days. You will receive a second email confirming acceptance of your request listing applicable fees. 

Fees must be paid in advance. 

You must agree to the facility policy to reserve a room. 

Room Request PDF

If you are unable to fill out the online form, download the PDF which can be printed, then submitted to: 

Scheduling Coordinator 
Donald W. Reynolds Library 
300 Library Hill 
Mountain Home, AR 72653.  

Send email submissions to our Scheduling Coordinator.

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